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• 2011-04-02 • Bull is arrived

We are so proud to have Bull in our kennel. He will stay with us until July 2011.

Bull is amazing, not only his beauty exterior. He is the most calm and easy dog. He is really sweet. He entered our gang without any kind of trouble. He is a fully part of the family. We love to have him here with us.

We are planning to go to shows in Denmark, Sweden and Norway the next couple of months.

Another good news is that our very good friend Katrine is expecting puppies. It is a very exciting combination, and we look forward to follow the puppies close. You can see more of this litter on her website

In these days we await our Demba to be in season. We have frozen semen from Moby ready for her.

We are also planning our next breeding, which will be in June.

The youngsters gallery is updated.

Ciluca here
Dezmir here
Foogy here

Enjoy the spring and see you soon around Europe.

Some pictures of our dogues

Our grand old mama at 8 years.

Sara and Bull enjoy the cold water

Double up on crazyness

Johanna the Mascot having fun

Something very interesting down there



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• 2011-02-16 • Good show start
Last weekend we went to this year first show and it went very fine for our breeding.

Shadow of Oak Ciluca Tén Tén: Very Promissing 1. Winner BEST PUPPY
Shadow of Oak Cloey Tén Tén: Very Promissing 3. Winner   (owned by Katrine Mittelsdorf)
Shadow of Oak Batida Coco: Very Good 2. Winner  (owned by Katrine Mittelsdorf)
Shadow of Oak Bailey: Excellent 1. Winner CK BM 4

Shadow of Oak Ciluca Tén Tén BEST PUPPY


Shadow of Oak Bailey won the Intermediate class

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• 2011-02-05 • Our new girl
Finally we got our new girl home.

Foogy Boogy de L'Etang de Mirloup 8 weeks.

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