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• 2008-10-12 •
Our new boy from El Siscar has arrived and he is so fantastic. He was very fast a natural part of the gang and we are proud of our dogs. All the dogs are playing together, specially Sara is a very good play aunt.

Unfortunately we may say goodbye to our lovely boy Amos. Saturday night he got a 'stomach turnaround' and was not able to save. We miss him so much he was only one year old. R.I P. beautifull boy.

As it seems now Mille is expecting puppies. We breeded Mille with Eross Van De Paterhoek. Eross is a beyond belief graceful dog and have a fantastic temper. We believe it is a nice combination.

If all go according to schedule we have puppies in the beginning of December.

We have bought a big yard where we will construct a big department for our dogs. There will among other things be a swimming pool for the dogs. Our dogs love to swim and bath Then they will be able to swim as frequently as they want.

• 2008-07-08 •
We are now arrived from Stockholm and it was a nice trip.

There were 115 Dogue de bordeaux and we were looking forward to see a lot of beautifull dogs, and we did. We were also exicted to hear what the judge Anne-Marie Class from France would say about our female Mille.

She became excellent on the world dog show and she got a fine critique.

We also entered Mille to the Circuit CAC breed show and also there it went fine. She got excellent and placed second. She got her first swedish CAC.

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• 2008-06-29 •
This weekend we went to the International show in Br√łndby near by Copenhagen. The show was also the Copenhagen Winner 2008 show.

We only took Mille with us this Sunday. The weather was nice and we had a perfect day.

Mille won the open class with excellent and got also a CAC and CACIB and became BOB. She also won the Copenhagen Winner 2008 title.
It was a happy day and we are very proud of our girl.

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