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• 2009-12-10 •
Since the last update we have been at two shows.

Amsterdam Winner Show 2009.

Our girl Demba De L'Etang De Mirloup got excellent 3 in her class. Our own breeding Boris became best male puppy.

In Denmark Klaus went to the Danish Club show and he took Fendi and Ubu with him.

Fendi vom Grossherzogtum Hessen got very good 1 and our 15 months old male Ubu De El Siscar became BOB.

• 2009-11-17 •
Just some pictures of our fantastic boy which became best puppy on a double international show here in Denmark. He was among the best 7 pups in the ring of honor.

• 2009-11-11 •
Lately we have been on 2 shows in Denmark Brondby and Herning. In Brondby there were not very many subscribers, but we had a fantastic weekend with lots of dogs and friends.

Saturday in Brondby our little Boris became best puppy and we took him into the ring of honor.
We were among the 8 best but was not placed, but we are very proud of our little guy. There was, after all, probably 75 puppies in the ring.

We also had Ubu and Fendi with us, Fendi got very good and Ubu got good.

On Sunday we were ready again, however, we had let Ubu stay home, he was not ready for exhibitions and stayed at home to play with the other dogs. On Sundays, only Fendi receiving top marks, excellent and was in competition for best bitch, but she is a junior bitch and would never have a chance against females which is fully grown she was only 9 months at that time.

In Herning where we spent a fantastic weekend with a lot of nice dogs and people went beyond all expectations. We had Fendi, Boris and the new bitch Demba with us.
Boris was best puppy both days and was on Saturday among the 7 best of 70-80 dogs in the ring of honor.

Fendi got good on Saturday and climbed a degree on Sunday and got Very good. Demba which was exhibited for the first time in Denmark made it super, excellent 4 both days. So we were so proud of her. Demba is quite thin for the moment, but we chose to bring her anyway, she need the experience.

We have 2 shows left in this year. There is the club show where Fendi will be showed. Same weekend Merete will go to the Amsterdam Winner Show with Boris and Demba.
In the photo above is Fendi at the Dutch Clubmatch, we thank Dick-Jan Thuis very much for the picture.

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