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Puppies 1 week and 2 days old
• 2010-07-04 • Puppies 1 week and 2 days old
The first week of Athene puppies birth is gone, and everything breathes peace and quiet in the puppy house. Athene has borrowed two puppies out to Sara, so now the have 5 each. Sara has a lot of milk and then Athene also relieved a little. She has otherwise a huge milk production. It flows out by itself if the puppies are not fast enough.

Athene's children have decided to boycott the teats near by the head, so the fighting and struggling on the rear. It's so fun to sit and watch. You can sit and stare into the puppy box for hours. Yesterday the clock was 9.30 before supper was on the table because you can not break away. Also when they smacked their teats, it is pure therapy.

The two girls take it very well and they just look at each other when they pass each other's rooms. We look forward to alle the puppies can run around together. Athene's puppies develop big time, we are thinking not only on weight, some of them are almost up and go, and we've also heard small bark.

Athene's puppies development is just fine. After a week it looks like this, two of the girls have rounded 1 kg:

Color Sex Birth weight 7 days Gain 1 week Gain in %
Pink Female- red 597 1015 418 70
Red Female- red 580 930 350 60
White Female- red 470 664 194 41
Green Female- red 485 774 289 60
No color Female- black 699 1105 406 58
Blue Male- black 595 890 295 50
Red/white Female- black 517 723 206 40

Sara's puppies also doing very well, that's just the girl who has lost a little weight, so  we make sure to put a little more to the teats, we have not completed the milk replacer yet, now we await tomorrows weight

Weight Development on Sara's puppies:

Color Sex Birth weight 1 day Gain/loss
No color female 572 538 -34
No color Male 724 756 32
Green/white Male 650 670 20

It's not much time we have spent on the other dogs. However, we have had a cozy rwa bone day in the apple garden, where we served delicious Dear bone and raw chicken. Then Merete took a few hours on the mattress with the dogs, and the dogs enjoy it so much. They could not quite understand that mom does not think it was so delicious with their bones on the mattress.
Later they got shower with the water hose, it was only Ubu who found out that it was nice to be showered with cold water.

Katerine and Thomas have been so sweet and take a dog or two to the beach, they went to the beach every day and swim with their dogs. Today Ubu and Boris has been invited to at nice walt and swin on the beach. It can not describe how fantastic it is that they just get such a beach trip.Many thanks for your help and your kindness to our dogs. It is much appreciated.

Athenes red/white girl in Sara's place.

A little boy from Sara

Another of Sara's babies

Sara's boy

Sara's place

Athene feeding her babies

Fighting for the good teats

One of Athenes black girls

Athene relax


no photo
• 2010-07-02 • Another litter
Today Sara gave us 3 dark fantastic puppies. They have their father Bidule Roy De L'Etang De Mirloup's color.

They are all doing fine.

Weight af birth:
Female kl.14.40 - 572g
Male    kl.16.30 - 724g
Male    kl.17.35 - 650g

Athenes puppies are doing so great they grow perfect.
The weight of day 5 is:

Color Sex 5 days
Pink Female - red   857g
Red Female- red  819g
White Female - red  585g
Green Female - red  692g
Black FemaleBlack  937g
Blue Male - black  783g
Red/white Femaleblack -  715g

Puppy update
• 2010-06-29 • Puppy update
Just when we thought Athene had calmed down there came suddenly a puppy more at 03:26 Monday morning. It was a very nice male, but he was dead. He had not been dead long. But the birth had probably been too long. It's so sad to see such a small dead guy.

Otherwise runs everything very well. Athene has from the start the milk bar ready, and all puppies teats fine. All puppies has weight gain from the start, only one girl has lost 4g on the first day and a further 3g on day 2. She will the next couple of days get a supplement of Esbilac (milk formula).

These are some very lively bandits. There is GREAT GREAT dissatisfaction when they not can find a teat, then they scream so loud that Athene gets quite frightened.:o)

We have had a very nice night, Athene was in the same position all night and the puppies were either eating or sleping at her teats. We do not even have to put them to the teats. Only one girl we just provide a teat.

Colour Sex Weight 1 day Gain/loss 2 days Gain/loss
Pink Female - red 597 643 46 685 42
Red Female - red 580 620 40 675 55
White Female- red 470 466 -4 463 -3
Green Female- red 485 510 25 534 24
Without colour Female - Black 699 758 59 795 37
Blue Male - Black 595 596 1 628 32
Red/white Female - Black 517 532 15 554 22

Before all this joy and happyness, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bronko. Bronko has the last couple of months problems in his legs, and was in the past few weeks on full metacam medication (pain killers) and he was still stiff and eventually also limping. It's been the hardest decision we have taken.
Bronko has always been a very happy boy, and suddently he was moody and not involved with the other dogs.

He was much more in our sofa and slept a lot.
We took the decision to say goodbye to him while he was worthy to go out to the car by himselves.
To take such a decision is so tough and you feel your heart is ripped into 1000 pieces. We miss him and peolpe who knew him and us know what he meant to us.
He will always have a special place in our hearts.

R.I.P our beloved boy.

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