BARFWe have chosen to feed all of our dogs after the BARF concept which is fed with raw meat and bones.
BARF - Bone and Raw Food.

Really it was a test we did on a few of the dogs, but as we very quickly see that the dogs who was having raw food  was thrive much better was the decision to feed all the dogs not so difficult. All dogs are now earting BARF.

After starting to feed the dogs the with BARF we can clearly see a change in our dogs. They are more saturate and we think they are based much more in themselves, and have a much natural relationship with food. Previously, we had dogs who did not really bother to eat and some who ate a bowl dryfood within at a minunte and still running around looking for more food.

We do not have oral health problems, their fur always looks great, and they enjoy their food every day. We still feed our dogues together, even if it is bones. Another advantage of BARF is what comes out of the other end. Sometimes we saw so muh stool that we did not believe that this had come out of our "little" dog. Stools is significantly reduced, and that's because nutrients are incorporated instead of coming out the other end.

We have virtually never stomach problems. Like thin stomach, etc. You must of course be aware that what comes out the other end changes texture and color depending on what they are eating.

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