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Nosuch Bulldogues Mms Rhin
Retired Female, 2002-12-30

breeder: Mille Bæk & Kim Rughave
owner: Merete Tækker

Maclaren de el Siscar HD D Kurgan de el Siscar Upsy de L'Aube Rouge
Furca de el Siscar
Orchidee de Maneyrals General Groth de Terrior Bordelais
Guerrero Rojo Rhin HD D - AA 1 Riverbend's Axcel du Mont Rouge Riverbend's Sherman
Hilltops Blazing Red Star
Isla del Matachin Irreal del Matachin

HD: C (A/C)
AA: 2
SAS (heartscanning): 2,0 m/s
Weight: 64 kg

She’s our little princess and greatly loved. Mille moved in in November 2005, and she quickly became a part of the family.

She’s a big and lovely bitch with an amazing Character. She’s easy to handle and very calm. She got soft fur and is healthy to the core. A loving and compassionate dog that enjoys huddling up under a warm blanket

Nosuch Bulldogues Mms Rhin

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